Garden Cats

What are Garden Cats?

Ace Kitty Rescue Force often traps unsocialized or undersocialized cats from unsafe and overcrowded conditions. For these cats, we relocate them to backyards, barns, ranches, orchards and gardens as they are unadoptable as indoor pets due to their "feral" or "semi-feral" temperament. Although these cats are called feral, they are not wild or aggressive, just very shy. They need safe outdoor spaces where they can live out their natural lives. In time, some of these cats will allow petting from a trusted caregiver. Others will keep a safe distance but enjoy playing or sleeping in the garden while you are nearby. Most are curious about people, and will interact with you at feeding time.

Housing a Garden Cat

The adoption process is the same as for indoor cats, as we want to ensure these cats go to good homes where they can live safely and healthily. We will guide you through the process of helping the cats adjust to their new home, and support you if you encounter problems.

If you are interested in starting the process of adopting a Garden Cat, please fill out the form below. Not sure you’re ready but have some questions about caring for a Garden Cat? Please don’t hesitate to email us at

You can make a huge difference in the lives of these cats, with only a small amount of effort. We know you will find it rewarding.